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Why It's Best To Not Talk During Lash Treatment

Why It’s Best To Not Talk During Lash Treatment

Not that many clients are aware of the dangers of talking during their lash treatment, and it’s not because we’re anti-social! It’s actually because of the health and safety issues of our clients if we allow them to chit-chat during their lash appointment. There are...

What’s Spring Shed & How To Battle Through It

“Spring shed” is the process of our bodies preparing for the coming warmth and lack of humidity in the Summer, which results in increased hair loss. The body also increases oil production to keep the hair and skin hydrated and prepare for the seasonal change....

Eyelash Extensions in Santa Monica, CA

Top 3 Ways To Care For Lash Extensions

At My Little Beautique Lash & Brow, our goal is to provide information on how to best care for them so that your lashes always look flawless and most all, that you are happy and love them! It’s no secret that quality lash extensions can...