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Welcome to My Little Beautique, your one-stop shop for all things beauty & wellness on the west side. Our most important priority is making sure that you get the highest-skilled experts in their field to do your service. In addition, we pride ourselves on our usage of the newest & cleanest products, our relaxing environment, and our focus on cleanliness and sanitation. 




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Enhance your lashes by getting individual extensions placed on your natural lash, one by one, to create an effortless look. Wanting to look super glam? Get 100% volume or mega volume!

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Permanent Makeup

 Permanent makeup is essentially a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo technique that creates filled-in brows, crisp eyeliner, and tinted lips.

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Brow shaping through waxing is a great way to care and treat your unruly brows. It can really define and improve your look! It's the removal of brow hair, while creating or maintaining your desired eyebrow shape.

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Looking to treat acne, wrinkles or dull skin? Our skincare specialists personalize the facial treatment experiences to cater to your skin type and the results you desire. Get your skin back to glowing!

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Tooth gems are an easy way to express your unique style. Tooth gem placements are done exactly like braces. Medical grade dental adhesives are used to place Swarovski crystals or gold pendants directly to any tooth surface. Tooth gems are a semi permanent bond, meaning they can be removed at anytime with no damage to the tooth structure.

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Waxing & Sugaring

Sugaring uses a paste made from sugar, lemon juice, and water. The paste is applied in a similar way to how wax is. This sweet substance removes the hair from the root without sticking to or pulling at live skin cells, so it tends to be gentler than waxing.


"I went to this salon for my Brazilian wax with Andrea and man am I happy I did. Not only was she super sweet, she was very clean, gentle and thorough. I've gone to many other salons where it's just wham bam thank you goodbye, but not here! She made me feel comfortable and welcome which is very important for me when it comes to my selfcare appointments. I will definitely be recommending my friends and family to see her. And! not only does she do waxing but she does brow laminations and lash lifts!
Thank you Andrea for being so awesome!" -Nicole Z

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