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Delicate Tattoo Design




Regular manicure

45 minutes I $40

​Simple and sweet regular manicure includes prep, shaping, cuticle clean up with e-file, one polish color, and cuticle oil. Please feel free to bring your favorite polish.

Regular manicure + gel removal

1 hour I $50 


Gel manicure single color

1-2 hours I $65

Our Russian gel manicure consists of structured flex gel, prep, shaping, cuticle clean up with e-file, one gel color, and cuticle oil. This service does not include soak off.

**This does not include art**

Gel manicure +  light art 

1.15 hours l $85

Gel manicure +  medium art

1.5 hours l $95

Gel manicure + full nail art

2 hours l $100

Gel removal only

20 minutes l $20


2 hours +

Full coverage soft gel extensions. Giving the best of both worlds they are strong and long lasting but can be easily soaked off. Includes prep, shape, cuticle clean up with e-file.

**This does not include art or soak off.**







Gel x removal only

30 mins l $30





Gel x + one color

Gel x + light art

Gel x + medium art

Gel x + full art


2 hours +

An odor-less alternative to acrylics. Build strong and natural looking sculptured extensions in hard gel form. Includes prep, shape, cuticle clean up with e-file.

Extensions + one color

2 hours l $120

Extensions + nail art

2 hrs + l $140 +

Extension fill + one color

1.5 hr I $80

Re-balancing of nails, cuticle clean up with e-file, shaping and finished with a solid color of your choice.

Extension fill + nail art

2 hours l $110 +


Gel x removal

Outside gel removal

Outside gel x removal






Light nail art

 Keep it light with a couple of accent nails. Examples: lines, stamps, foils, dots, stickers (max of 5 fingers total). 

Medium nail art

Want a little more? Ho about mor detail on a couple of nails. Examples: French, marbles, cat, negative spacing eye, tortoise shell, half moon, stickers on all nails. 

Full nail art

Going all out starts at $100 - the final price will be determined by the nail artist. 
Examples: French with designs, smiley faces, fire, airbrush, animal print, ombre, mix designs, multiple materials, more than one sticker on each finger, chrome pigments.

*Send pictures for more accurate quote*

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